Terms of Service 服務條款
by Quick Pi inc.
14, November 2020

These Terms of Use are the terms of service of Quick Pi. When you use Quick Pi , it means that you have read, understood and agree to accept all the content stipulated in these Terms of Use. This specification may be revised and announced on the Quick Pi system at any time, and the revised content will take effect from the time of announcement.

一、About Quick Pi

Quick Pi service is a platform that provides transactions between users. The products posted are uploaded by users and sold by users themselves, and are not sold by Quick Pi . Quick Pi does not participate in transactions between users, and Quick Pi does not guarantee the quality, safety or legality of the goods that appear on the auction. When you use Quick Pi , you must understand and abide by the following: The buyer and seller must be fully responsible for the performance of the transaction. Buyers and sellers must resolve disputes arising from the transaction by themselves. Buyers and sellers must bear the costs incurred by the transaction. Buyers and sellers must understand and abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China. In order to ensure the smooth performance of the transaction, the user must first determine whether the product has the right to sell the product, whether the transaction target is legal, and record the product information and transaction conditions in detail. The buyer should also review and evaluate the product description and evaluation before placing a bid. The seller’s evaluation, delivery method, conditions and other information, once the bid is awarded, the purchase and sale agreement exists between the buyer and the seller, and both parties bear the responsibility of paying the price and delivering the goods. Unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, neither party shall go back for any reason. However, the information published in the "Special Classification" is an advertisement in nature and is not limited to this.


To become a member, you must first complete the following registration confirmation procedures. The steps are as follows: (1) Register a Quick Pi account and log in; (2) Confirm auction member information; (3) Confirm email; (4) Confirm mobile phone Number; (5) Agree to the usage specification, and after completing the above steps, you will become a member of the auction service and be able to use the bidding function. The Quick Pi service is only available to individuals over 20 years old and legal entities or groups with legal registration. If you are a minor, you should not use the service until your legal representative agrees to this specification. When you use or continue to use the auction service, it means that your legal representative has agreed to accept this specification and subsequent amendments.


When you purchase a plan, you must pay for the use of plan functions in accordance with the regulations. The above fees Quick Pi can change or adjust its fee items or amounts at any time, and it will take effect after the announcement. Please note that unless otherwise stipulated in this specification, after paying for subscription, you may not refuse payment or request a refund for any interval. The same applies when Quick Pi quickly deletes your published auction information in accordance with this specification.


Quick Pi The auction products and information (hereinafter referred to as "auction information") posted by you will not be checked, filtered or investigated, but the right to delete the auction information is still reserved. If you violate this usage specification or any service usage instructions or auction information is likely to be illegal, Quick Pi reserves the right to immediately delete the auction information you have posted and terminate your right to use the auction service without notice. Terminate your use of other Quick Pi services. If your published auction information product infringes on the rights of a third party or violates laws and regulations, and Quick Pi is claimed by a third party or sanctioned by the competent authority, you shall compensate Quick Pi for all losses and expenses incurred thereby .

The following rules should be observed when using the Quick Pi service:

You are not allowed to publish prohibited and restricted products "Prohibited to Publish Products". You must not violate the "Illegal Publication Behavior" which is the norm for publication. You must not violate the "Member Evaluation System" for member evaluation. For the goods you sell, if the buyer has won the bid, you are responsible for selling the goods in accordance with the bid amount and other agreed trading conditions. For the goods that you have won the bid, you are responsible for paying in accordance with the bid amount and other agreed transaction terms. You must not manipulate the auction or interfere with the normal auction and bidding procedures.

For example:

1. Use multiple accounts to bid on your auction items and deliberately raise the highest bid. 2. When other sellers conduct auctions, contact the buyer who bids for them and sell similar or identical items to the buyer.


Once you upload, send, enter or provide any auction product information (including advertising content) to Quick Pi , you will be deemed to have allowed Quick Pi to promote Quick Pi service or auction products (including yours or others). For the purpose of unconditional reproduction, dissemination, modification, display, public broadcasting, and public transmission of such information, you have no objection to this.

六、Transaction security

Identity verification on the Internet is very difficult, so we provide member evaluation system, member registration and confirmation procedures, blacklist system and bid abandonment mechanism, etc., to maintain the online trading environment with the help of reliable transaction records and the help of netizens. . Despite these mechanisms, users should still be cautious when trading (About "Transaction Security").

七、Service suspension

The purpose of the auction service is to provide 24-hour uninterrupted online auction activities. Maintaining the uninterrupted system and the normal operation of various service functions at any time is the goal of all Quick Pi staff. Except for force majeure events or other reasons that are not attributable to Quick Pi s, if the Quick Pi service system maintenance, update, malfunction or interruption, you will temporarily be unable to use all or part of the auction service When functioning, the Quick Pi service will provide you with appropriate compensation according to the following conditions (About the Quick Pi Compensation Method).

八、Limitation of Liability

Except as otherwise provided in this usage specification, Quick Pi shall not be liable for any compensation or compensation for damages caused by your use of the auction service. However, if Quick Pi is required by law to be liable for damages, you understand And agree that the responsibilities of Quick Pi should not exceed the fees you paid for using the Quick Pi service.


Quick Pi only provides services "as is" and does not guarantee the following: . The Quick Pi system meets the needs of users; . There are no errors or obstacles in Quick Pi content and system programs.


In accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Law and Business Tax Law of the Republic of China, you should declare and pay income tax and business tax for your income from the sale of goods using Quick Pi:

. Individual
If you sell goods in your own name, you should declare and pay the income from the sale of goods when you declare your income tax every year. However, if you are selling goods on a regular basis, and not only occasionally, you should register for profit business in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Business Registration Law, Income Tax Law, and Business Tax Law. In addition to filing and paying profit business income tax in accordance with the law, In addition, the invoice should be used in accordance with the law and be issued at the time of sale, or a receipt should be issued in accordance with the law, and business tax should be paid.

. For-profit business
If you sell goods in the name of a for-profit enterprise (such as a company or firm), your income from the sale of goods should be included in the income of the company or firm's for-profit enterprise, and you must declare and pay for-profit enterprise income tax in accordance with the law when you declare income tax every year. When selling goods, uniform invoices or receipts shall be issued in accordance with the law and business tax shall be paid.

十一、Governing law and competent court

The interpretation and application of this specification, as well as disputes related to this agreement, shall be handled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China. You also agree that the Taipei District Court of Taiwan shall be the court of first instance jurisdiction.

十二、本Application and amendment of the specification

All the service descriptions on Quick Pi are part of this specification. Quick Pi reserves the right to modify or change the content of this specification at any time. It is recommended that you pay attention to such modifications or changes at any time. If there are any major changes or amendments to this usage specification, Quick Pi will notify you by announcement or email. Please pay attention to the Quick Pi announcements and the emails in your registered mailbox at any time.