Privacy policy
by Quick Pi inc.
14, November 2020

1. Introduction to Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how Snapshot Co., Ltd. ("the company", "we") handles and protects your use of the company's services ("the service", see the following " The information provided in the list of “covered services”) and how you can access and control your information. In order to respect your privacy and protect your personal information, we will follow the following basic principles:

1. When collecting your personal information, we will clearly indicate the purpose.
2. When personal information will be collected, we will notify you in advance to seek your consent for the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information.
3. We will only collect personal information necessary for a specific purpose.
4. Unless with your consent or based on legal requirements, we will only use or disclose your personal information for the purpose of collection, and the collected information will only be retained within the required period of completion of the collection purpose.
5. We will try our best to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of your personal information.
6. We will protect your personal information with appropriate security protection measures.
7. We will try our best to make the policies and measures for handling personal information open and transparent.
8. You can access your personal information at any time and make appropriate modifications.
9. We will be responsible to you. You can comment on whether we follow the above principles and this privacy policy at any time.

2. What kind of information does the company collect? How to collect information?

In order to provide you with the use of this service, we will obtain your information within the necessary scope. There are basically two types of information we collect:
a. Information provided by you
- Personal information and registration information provided by the user In order to provide users with a smooth service experience and promote better communication between users, users may be required to register user information, such as phone numbers, email addresses, postal codes or mailing/shipping addresses or other direct related to this service. Or indirectly identify the user's personal data.
- Promotion In order to conduct surveys, sweepstakes and other promotional activities, we may ask you to provide detailed information, such as name, address, phone number, email address, gender, birthday, to facilitate the awarding of prizes, delivery of purchased goods, etc.
- User Contact Information When users contact us through the online inquiry form, we will collect user information (including email address, device type, operating system type, etc.) to identify the user in order to check the report problem and provide an appropriate response.
- Transaction and payment information In order to process related transaction services or payment procedures for shopping and payment services, transaction information, payment amount and method, and user's credit card information generated in response to related services may be obtained. Please note that the shopping process should be completed by the appropriate payment institution and we will not keep any credit card information.
b. Information we obtain when you use this service -Your internal user identification code Used to confirm user identity, prevent unauthorized users from using this service, and connect to this service through your account.
- Cookies In order to provide users with the best service and maintain service and usage security, we may use cookies to store user settings to record access functions and monitor usage patterns and data. For example, we may use Google Analytics to assist us in the above work. You can choose to disable cookies, but at the same time you will not be able to use some of the functions of this service.
- Record When accessing this service, your usage records (such as: function clicks, service shutdown or usage time, etc.), IP address, browser type, browser language and other access record information may be automatically obtained and stored. This information will be used to analyze your user environment so that we can improve this service and prevent unauthorized/piracy from interfering with the normal operation of this service.
- Device Information We may obtain your device information (such as application version, operating system version, language and country settings, device model) from time to time. This information will be used to improve the quality of this service and avoid illegal or improper use. You have to decide whether to provide us with your personal information, but if you do not provide this information, you will not be able to use some of the functions of this service.

3. How will the company use the collected information?

The company, its subsidiaries and related legal persons ("affiliated enterprises") use the collected information for the following purposes:
- Provide users with a smooth and smooth service;
- Verify your identity;
- Avoid unauthorized use/misappropriation or abuse of this service;
- Improve or optimize this service;
- To provide customer support, effectively respond to users' questions and demands;
- Conduct user satisfaction surveys;
- Provide relevant information such as this service, as well as advertising or promotion information of affiliated companies and our company's partners;
- To evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising placed on the Internet or other media;
- To provide or market services, products and offers to you, including but not limited to our company's special events and promotions;
- Confirm the winners of promotional activities, award prizes, send purchased merchandise and similar items;
- Accumulate anonymous statistics related to this service;
- For future development related to this service;
- Handle customer complaints related to shopping and payment services;
- To inform you of important information related to other services, and to contact you when necessary; and
- Comply with relevant laws and statutory obligations.

4. Does the company share the collected information?

Except as otherwise provided in this privacy policy (and other relevant privacy policies and appendices if necessary), we will not provide your information to third parties without your consent. However, if we believe in good faith that it is in accordance with the requirements or permits of relevant laws, or to defend the company's rights and property, this is not the case.

5. Does the company cooperate with other service providers?

The company may cooperate with service providers from time to time to assist us in providing you with the best service. Before establishing a cooperative relationship with other service providers, we will ensure that the service provider will handle your information in accordance with this privacy policy and relevant laws.

6. Does the company use third-party modules?

The company advertises on the Internet or other media through third-party advertising agencies. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising and determine the amount to be paid to advertising agencies, we load third-party modules into our applications and services. We may also add third-party modules to the application to help us understand the usage of the service and/or all additional services.

7. How can I access or correct my information?

The company tries its best to help you control your information in the easiest way. You can confirm or modify your registration information at any time. If it is not possible to confirm directly on the app, you can send a written opinion at any time to request the company to confirm, correct, and delete other personal data held by the company. After verifying your identity, the company will respond to your request within a reasonable period in accordance with relevant laws.

8. User-created content: information about your upload

When using this service, you can choose to exchange information (such as profile names, pictures, and comments) with other users. Please note that other users can read, collect, or use the information. If you choose to exchange information with other users, the company is not responsible.

9. How does the company ensure the security of this service?

We will continue to work hard to ensure the security of this service as much as possible. For the foregoing work, if the company finds that the terms of service are infringed, are in danger of being infringed, or there is a dispute between users, our employees may access the information you provide.

10. How long will personal information be kept?

Except for those that are required or permitted by law to be retained for a longer period of time, the company will retain your personal information for the required period of time to achieve the purpose set out in this privacy policy.

11. Where will personal information be stored?

In order to provide this service, the company will process and store information through secure servers located in countries around the world. If you continue to use this service, you agree that the company will transfer your personal information out of your country.

12. Covered services

This privacy policy applies to the following services: -Shopping service -Other services or activities specified by the company

13. Do you have any comments? Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or the way we handle personal information, please contact us using our Facebook fan page:

14. Instructions for revising the privacy policy

We may revise our privacy policy from time to time to respond to changes in this service and related laws and regulations. The release date of this privacy policy is October 27, 2020, and the last update date is November 14, 2020. If there are major changes to the privacy policy, we will notify you through the app and/or other means. You can check our privacy policy at any time through the app and the company's official website. If you continue to use this service, it will be deemed that you have agreed to the company's modification of the privacy policy.